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Welcome to the Official Vick Dog Chew Toy website!

Thank you for visiting us. To our loyal followers, we are continuing our voice to eradicate dog fighting from its existence and won't stop doing that. We want to again, thank everyone for their support with this endeavor and greatly appreciate the stories, photos, and of course, the feedback we have received over the last FIVE years! It has been a long journey, but we appreciate all those moments. In that five year span, we were able to donate money to animal charities, raise awareness towards animal abuse, and meet some incredible people along the way.


You have reached us at a time when our inventory levels are low and we are looking to replenish it quickly. To provide continued support to our favorite fans, we are asking you to RESERVE your purchase intent of the Official Vick Dog Chew Toy. We are *NOT* requiring a credit card payment. The price of the Official Vick Dog Chew Toy will remain in the $10 range and we will continue to offer bonus packages of three or more purchased.

We are simply asking you to fill a quick form and one of our Official Vick Dog Chew Toy representatives will be sending along an email communication once the inventory is back in place. Thank you for the continued support and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Our next venture is currently targeted towards a branding campaign that was requested by our followers. Dog Life has officially launched and we are excited about the next phase of our awareness efforts. 2012 is yet another beginning to an ongoing chapter in the fight against animal abuse. Stop on by and let us know what you think!

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The Official Vick Dog Chew Toy has launched it's first ever Commercial. Join us on our continued celebration of our Loyal Followers! We are celebrating those that care for, support and defend the lives of pets everywhere! Most importantly, JOIN US in fighting back against those that seek to harm our beloved pets. WE SAY NO MORE! Let us bark as loud as we can! The Official Vick Dog Chew Toy stands up and says to all, WE are here and determined to chew those that seek to harm our innocent pets. We did not start this fight, but we are going to END IT! Watch Here

The Official Vick Dog Chew Toy has been to Iraq and Afghanistan and sold throughout the USA and Internationally. It has been celebrated in publications such as ESPN the Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and many other media outlets. Our invention has received national recognition for both the vision of the idea and the creativity of the mission.

However, through it all, we are proud of YOU for making that purchase in an effort to support our endeavor. We receive inspiring feedback through videos and pictures from all over the country showing how the Official Vick Dog Chew Toy has brought satisfaction to their loving pets. Nothing makes us as proud to see a beloved pet enjoying the Official Vick Dog Chew Toy we have brought to life!! Read More